Hello everyone! Remember world Environment day? That day is today! June 5th! If you don´t know what world environment day is then, you are at the right blog page! We reuse,reduce,and recycle!

World Environment Day was held by the United Nations for the first time in 1974. The goal of this celebration is to raise awareness about environmental issues and encourage people to take action.

World Environment day is a day [with reduce,reuse and recycle]were you help the earth like…

-Turning of the light when you don´t need it.

-Take a fast bath so you don´t wast water.

-Turn of the water while brushing your teeth so you don´t waste clean water.

-Try not to flake paper…Less use of paper rolls…

And more!

There is more!like…

-If you don´t want/use something then give it to someone else who wants it.

And still more!

These are ways of helping the earth!And even if the other days are not World environment day you can still help the earth!Now, lets review what we learned,

-We learned what World environment day is

-We learned examples of helping the earth

-We learned what reduce,reuse,and recycle is!

Thats all!

Planning to come up with more and more topics…

Signing off for now :)

love, Shivani